Jacksonville Party and Event Rental: JAX Play Day

 Concession Fun

Make your event even better with a concession rental. Keep your party going.

*Free Delivery on rentals $100 or more within a 20 mile radius. 
All rentals are for 4 hours, inquire about additional hours.
* Prices exclude sales tax

  1. Cotton Candy Machine
    Includes: Machine, Cotton candy mix, and cotton candy cones Serves: 50-60
  2. Cotton Candy with Stand
    Includes: Machine w/ cart, Cotton candy mix, and cotton candy cones Serves: 50-60
  3. Cotton Candy Bubble Cover
    Keep the mess contained with the Bubble Cover. Perfect for indoor use to make sure you don't get candy floss everywhere.
  4. Cotton Candy Mix
    Need more cotton candy mix. We got it! Flavors: Pink Vanilla, Blue Raspberry 1 Carton serves 60
  5. Popcorn Machine
    Includes: Machine, popcorn mix, and popcorn bags Serves: 50
  6. Cotton Candy Cones
    $3 for 60 cones
    Need more cones. Here you go!!
  7. Popcorn Mix
    $2 a bag
    Need more popcorn mix? We've got you covered! 1- 8oz bag - Serves 5 - 10
  8. Popcorn Bags
    $1 for 20 bags
    Don't run out of bags!! Get some here.
  9. Snow Cone Machine
    Stay cool with our snow cone machine!! Includes: 1 - 32oz Syrup, 30 Cone Cups
  10. Cotton Candy LED sticks
    $2 per LED stick
    Light your night with some light up cotton candy
Make every day a play day